The Miracle Mentorship Program - with Billy Burke

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A weekly discipleship program for those looking to enter the ministry or further their relationship with the Lord.

Lesson Categories: 

Mentorship Teachings

Billy releases a Miracle Mentorship teaching each week. Topics range from current events, breaking down the process of faith/expectancy and relational building with the Holy Spirit.

Miracle Analysis

Billy breaks down highlights and testimonies from crusades around the world “play-by-play”. This visual aide helps demonstrate what happens during the process of a miracle.

Mentorship Moments

Billy shares moments from his journey in ministry that have molded him and helped him reach the point he’s at today. He shows you how you can apply the lessons that he’s learned in your own walk!

Your Questions...Answered!

As a member of Miracle Mentorship, your questions deserve to be heard! Billy takes questions that have been sent in and answers them for the group to hear. 

Billy Burke

Miracle Mentorship Founder

Billy has been in ministry for 40+ years. He’s made it his mission to help people from around the world develop their faith to receive a supernatural miracle––through the Holy Spirit.

He started this mentorship program as a response to the overwhelming number of questions that come into his headquarters. Questions regarding healing, faith and anatomic elements of a one’s relationship with the Lord.


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