Miracle Mentorship
with Billy Burke

An online discipleship program for those looking to discover His calling for their life. Learn how to release His gifts through you today. 

Billy Burke

Miracle Mentorship Founder


Billy has been in ministry for 40+ years. He’s made it his mission to help people from around the world develop their faith to receive a supernatural miracle––through the Holy Spirit.

“I started this mentorship program as a response to the overwhelming number of questions––how do I do what you do? How can I move in the gifts? How can I move into ministry? 

Your calling may be different, but understanding how to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit transcends your calling. It’s a cornerstone of our faith.  

That’s the purpose of this program. It’s to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of how I interpret scripture, how I approach my ministry and to share experiences from my time in ministry.”


It’s time to discover His calling for your life.


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Miracle Mentorship